28 June 2023



GOLD MEDAL Dasha Podoltseva from Ukraine for the poster “Harvest”

For a poster with a shocking message from the present embedded within an idyllic image from the past.


SILVER MEDAL Wojciech Domagalski from Poland for the poster “A Cloud from Poland”

For a disconcerting, evocative visual statement about freedom that dispenses with language to provide a space open to universal multiple interpretation.


BRONZE MEDAL Isana Wada from Japan for the poster “Pure”

For a fresh, contemporary treatment, and an intriguing work that engages the viewer with visual clues and pointers, yet elusively poses many questions concerning geopolitics.





Agnieszka Ziemiszewska from Poland for the poster “Feministas Futuristicas” 

For pursuing the important issue of feminism. For the well portrayed power and energy of women. For well reflected anger and determination.


Yuting Fang from China for the poster “Nature. Life”

For a poetic, surreal and poignant depiction of natural lifeforms and a reminder that the planet is home to us all and of its fragility.


Guillaume André from France for the poster “Back to the Trees”

For a striking and beautifully produced poster which invites the viewer to celebrate and discover magic in the depths of nature.

Office of the International Poster Biennale in Warsaw

Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie
Krakowskie Przedmieście 5,
00–068 Warszawa, Polska

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