27th International Poster Biennale in Warsaw 2021

#PrzygarnijPlakat (Adopt a Poster) – the award winning posters of the 26th International Poster Biennale in the urban environment

#PrzygarnijPlakat (Adopt a Poster) – is the title of a special AMS campaign in which, for the first time in history, the winning posters at the International Poster Biennale have been exhibited in the urban environment. At bus stops you can also listen to the verdict of the Jury and… take part in a competition.

From July onwards, the seven posters awarded at this year’s 26th International Poster Biennale can be seen on Citylights in bus and tram shelters and AMS advertising poles in Warsaw. At selected stops, thanks to built-in mp3 players, using your own headphones, you can listen to the reasoning behind the Jury’s verdict and learn about a poster’s designer. This information is also available on the specially prepared competition website: www.przygarnijplakat.pl

The campaign is accompanied by a competition with the same title, in which Internet users and recipients of the works have the chance to obtain one of them. All they need to do is photograph the bus shelter with the selected poster or their own wall at home where they would like to hang it and give their reasons why they believe that poster should go to them. The competition’s prizes are cultural packages from its organizers – AMS and the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts – and the selected posters in the B1 format.

The Poster Biennale has always been a window to the world for Polish artists, an opportunity to learn about the world’s trends and the directions in which this art is developing. Until now award winning works could only be seen at the exhibitions accompanying this event – says Professor Lech Majewski, President of the International Poster Biennale in Warsaw. This year, thanks to cooperation with AMS, we are taking posters to a wider audience, hoping that a work will arouse people’s emotions, intrigue them or encourage them to embrace it permanently – he adds.

The #PrzygarnijPlakat campaign promotes the 26th International Poster Biennale in Warsaw lasting from June 9th to the end of August – the oldest and one of the most recognizable artistic events dedicated to poster art. Some 236 artists from around the world participated in this year’s event. Seven posters were awarded prizes and these can be seen on the streets of the capital and at the exhibitions accompanying the Biennale in the Salon Gallery of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts at 5, Krakowskie Przedmieście Street (entrance from Traugutta Street) and in the courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts.

The organizer of the 26th International Poster Biennale is the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, in cooperation with: the OOH Agency AMS, the Association of Applied Graphic Designers (STGU), and the Poster Museum in Wilanów.

For more information about the #PrzygarnijPlakat (Adopt a poster) campaign go to www.przygarnijplakat.pl.

AMS is the largest out-of-home (OOH) advertising agency in Poland, the winner of numerous awards. It operates in the area of ​​classic and digital OOH advertising. Since September 2002, it has belonged to the Agora Group. It offers its clients effective campaigns using modern tools on nearly 23 thousand advertising spaces, the only company to have at its disposal media systems from each market segment.

AMS is the leader in the urban facilities segment – on the basis of contracts with the largest municipalities in Poland, it has equipped over 30 of the largest Polish cities with such amenities. The agency has made pioneer investments on the Polish market in revitalized areas of Szczecin, Warsaw and Wrocław. The company is the operator of Warsaw’s bus shelters – it holds the Warsaw concession for 1580 modern bus stops and also the Kraków concession – within 10 years some 600 bus shelters with around 1,600 advertising spots will be built.

AMS is known for its social activities, including efforts for the integration of people with disabilities. In 2013, the company established the “Integration Academy” Foundation. As part of its pro-environmental activities, it runs the programs AMS Poster Gallery and AMS for cities.